We all have them. Things we’re desperate to hide from the rest of the world. Things we’re scared to face ourselves. Regrets, fears, struggles, insecurities, weaknesses…
personal demons.

While we may be scared to face them, it’s time to embrace them…

Bear Markets Suck

DemonParty is not over. We're working behind the scenes to make sure the next move is the right one.

Stay tuned!


The Demon Party set will be released in three seasons for a total supply of 4,000 demons. Each season will still be a part of the same collection. We made this decision for a couple of reasons:

1. We want to get the art out there. By releasing our set in chunks, we can get Kaila’s amazing artwork out onto the blockchain “in the wild.”
2. A seasonal model is a slightly new delivery model for NFTs, but is a common approach in gaming. For example, Fortnite releases seasonal content to keep its user base engaged and growing.
3. Like any good story, we want the plots and characters to unfold gradually. Good stories give the audience things deliberately and at a digestible pace.


Season 1: Bondborn

Release: Q2 2022
Supply: 1,000 demons
Unique Traits: 150+
Custom Trait Viewer site
First graphic novel initiative


Season 2: Conspire

Release: Q3 2022
Supply: 1,500 demons
Unique Traits: 150+
Launch of Conspire utility (Trait Swap) Second graphic novel initiative


Season 3: Shadowreign

Release: Q4 2022
Supply: 1,500 demons
Unique Traits: 150+
First animation planned to be released


Want to take a look into our minds?


How do I purchase a Demon? 

There are three ways: enter the presale (limited availability), buy one during the public mint, or buy one on the secondary market. The most widely used secondary market is OpenSea. 

You’ll be able to mint on our website on our launch date.

What is Conspire (Trait Swap)?

The latin roots of this word, “con” and “spirare” mean (literally) “to breathe together.” After mint, we will allow our demon holders to customize their demons by interacting with other members of the community. Think of it like playing the game “Go Fish.” This is customization powered by community interaction.

Hasn’t customization been tried before in NFTs?

Not like this it hasn’t. Whenever customization comes up, the knee jerk reaction is to assume this will dilute the value of rare traits. Rare demon traits will always be rare. The last thing we want is for someone to buy a demon with rare traits on the open market only for a customization mechanic to come in and make it common, reducing its value. Our customization mechanism will preserve rarity through scarcity. We believe that the mechanic we have created will eliminate all of the issues that have plagued other projects when they have attempted to add a customization feature. We think this trait swap “meta game” will truly be something special. 

Why swap traits? What’s the incentive?

Well, because it’s fun. How many times have you looked at an NFT set and the one you connect with is not for sale or is priced out. Or you mint an NFT and you “get what you get.” With Demon Party, buying an NFT is the first step, not the last. Plus, traits have something called flavors. A full flavor demon will be rare. Or assembling a demon with all of the rare traits may be something you wanna try. Either way, we want it to be fun so for now there aren’t going to be major financial incentives beyond rarity. That’s by design. 

What are flavors?

There are 24 flavors of traits. Flavors are an added meta rarity on top of the traits themselves. Each flavor “matches” from a visual standpoint. Think of it like the types in Pokemon.

If I own a Demon Party NFT, will I own the IP of that Demon Party NFT?

Your Demon Party NFT(s) are yours to use how you see fit in any non-commercial usage, provided you don't reproduce it in a way that is harmful to the Demon Party brand. For commercial uses, such as starting a Demon Party taco shop or selling Demon Party shoes, we require that you seek and receive permission from Demon Party. We want to be as fair as possible, but all commercial uses will require permission from Demon Party. We feel that this allows the average Demon Party holder to benefit from the IP while protecting the project from predatory parties/corporations coming in to use Kaila's artwork for their own commercial gain.

Wait, I have more questions!

That’s great. Come find us in Discord! We’d love to answer them for you.